Visiting Mexico – All You Need to Know!

Mexico is a beautiful country with a rich culture and welcoming people. If you are going for the first time to Mexico, there are certain things that you should know beforehand. We have come with a list of things that will help you have a wonderful first visit to Mexico.

Prepping beforehand

The great thing about Mexico is that it offers tourist an entirely new culture to explore. The language, the music, the cuisine, the traditions, everything is beautiful. But these can also constitute as cultural barriers. To ensure that you don’t face too many problems due to culture, here are a few things you need to arrange beforehand and keep with you at all times during the trip:

  • Language app: Lookup Google Translate. It is free of cost and will translate spoken words in Spanish to English and vice versa. You can speak to the app, and the app will translate what you said back to you after you press a button.
  • Transportation: car rental tends to be on the expensive side so get to know the bus system in Mexico if you plan to go on long trips around the country. If you plan to stay within an area, taxis are relatively inexpensive in Mexico.
  • Internet coverage: Most US phone carriers have roaming capabilities in Mexico. Arrange this with your network before your trip if you’d like internet connection on your phone. If you don’t have mobile coverage for Mexico, buy Skyroam Solis. This will help you avoid pricey roaming charges, and you Google anything at any time.
  • Charcoal tablets: Mexican food might not be easy on the stomachs of foreigners. Even if you are careful with your food and water you could end up with the terrible Montezuma’s revenge, that is, diarrhea that travelers to Mexico often suffer from. To avoid that keep several charcoal tablets and take at 2 at the first sign of trouble.
  • Mosquito protection: Mexico is a tropical country and thus mosquitos may be something you’ll encounter. To ensure a safe trip, get a bottle of bug spray. Ending up with a mosquito-borne illness isn’t the best way to end a trip!
  • Emergency information: in case of any trouble, you need to keep the local emergency numbers somewhere close by. Write down these emergency numbers on a paper and keep it in your pocket. Don’t rely on the internet at the last moment:
    • Police
    • Emergency services
    • Your embassy

Financing your trip

Even if you have enough money in your wallet during the trip, you will always need backup. You could end up losing your wallet so you should be prepared for any financial problems. Should you lose your money, or find yourself short of it, you can have your loved ones send money to Mexico through Ria Money Transfer. This way you can enjoy your trip without worrying about money troubles (and shop to your heart’s content!)


Now that we have got the serious stuff out let’s talk shopping! Mexico is an excellent place for shopping. It has its fair share of international brands, but the local stuff has its charm and is made of high quality. Mexico City has a monthly shopping fair with incredible local merchandise of all sorts. It is called Bazar Fusion – and it is as fun as it sounds! For some high-end Latino fashion head on over to Polanco for some expensive and fun shopping. The shopping list is endless so we must move on to another important matter – sight-seeing.

Places to visit

For the full Mexico experience these are the places that you must visit:

  • Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Isla Mujeres: if you’re looking for sun and beach, these should be at the top of your list. Cancun is the best place for some water fun and has a great nightlife.
  • Mexico City: the hotspot of Mexico, you cannot leave without exploring this beautiful city and all that it has to offer.
  • Jalisco: for the best tequila and mariachi music, this is the place to be!
  • Copper Canyon: nature lovers will enjoy hiking, camping, and bird watching in the area.

Mexico is a wonderful country to visit and have an adventure in. Just make sure you follow our guidelines for the best time of your life!