World Day for Cultural Diversity: Education Starts at Work



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Ria employees working on whiteboard

As humans, we have been migrating since the dawn of our existence. Our nomad ways are what have led to great innovation and rich cultures.

For this reason, we celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, and this year we are proposing to foster and encourage respect and understanding through the workplace.

But first, let’s truly understand what migration boils down to in our global society and why we need to establish ways to support and respect each other.

Immigration in the 21st century

According to the Migration Data Portal, there are 258 million migrants around the world.

Nowadays, we have phenomena such as Frankfurt, Germany, a city where migrants and their progenies outnumber the native population.

By 2044, the United States is expected to become a majority-minority country, further establishing the North American nation as a country of immigrants and a cultural melting pot.

No region in the world is untouched by migration, and our civilization has flourished. Data backs the reality that diversity nourishes everything from education to the economy.

So, how do we protect and enhance what is such a vital asset to our societies?

Education starts at work

Janet Stovall, an inclusion advocate and speechwriter, discusses how businesses can promote inclusion in her Ted Talk “How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

Stovall shared, “imagine a place where people of all colors and all races are on and climbing every rung of the corporate ladder; where those people feel safe – indeed, expected – to bring their unassimilated, authentic selves to work every day, because the difference that they bring is both recognized and respected. And imagine a place where the lessons we learn about diversity at work actually transform the things we do, think and say outside of work.”

At Ria, we get to test and perfect this concept daily with a workforce made up of over 50 nationalities speaking more than 40 languages.

For our business, it is imperative that our employees can bring their full selves to work, as Stovall mentions. Our differences are what nurture every decision we make, what enhances our service and what allows us to foster our bond with our customers.

While working here, we learn about other cultures and their celebrations. We try different foods, learn new languages and are able to find the many similarities we all share.

We forge a genuine connection and understanding that translates to our lives outside of work, and even the business is better for it.

How you can boost inclusion and diversity in the workplace

The secret sauce is encouraging people to share their culture, experiences, personality and ideas while also promoting inclusion and mutual respect.

In this way, companies can cultivate an atmosphere where creativity can flow freely and where each worker gets to bring what he or she excels at to the table.

We have a great opportunity to foster diversity and inclusion at the workplace and beyond, so why not take it?


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